GET api/SkillsLabelGrading?label={label}&labelurl={labelurl}

No documentation available.

POST api/SkillsLabelGrading

No documentation available.


GET api/SkillSyllabi

GET all the syllabus for the user account. One way to get the Syllabus Identifier.

GET api/SkillSyllabi/{id}

GET a syllabus based on a Syllabus Indentifier. This can be found by using above GET query or going to Skill Syllabi and using the last element of the ShortPublicURL.

POST api/SkillSyllabi

POST to create a new Skill Syllabi. This includes all the basic fields.


POST api/SkillsLabelAssignSkill

POST to add a skill to a previously created label. This is the second step in creating a label. Must reference the Label Identifier.


GET api/AssignLabelToSyllabus?LabelID={LabelID}&SyllabusID={SyllabusID}

GET assigns or unassigns a label from a previously create syllabus. Must reference a label Label Identifier and Syllabus Identifier.


GET api/SkillsLabel

Gets all the learning labels for an account. One way to get a label identifier. Content includes a SVG formatted response that can be put into a DIV tag.

GET api/SkillsLabel/{id}

Gets detailed information about a label. Must provide a valid Label Identifier. This can be found be retreiving all your labels (above funtion) or accessing Skills Label landing page and using the last part of the short code URL. Content includes a SVG formatted response that can be put into a DIV tag.

POST api/SkillsLabel

POST to create a new Skills Label. This is the first step. From the return, get the Label Idenfier and then POST to PostSkillToLabel for each skill.