API Definitions

Fields Explained

  • Title (of resource) / String / Max 70 Characters
  • Provider (of resource) / String / Max 70 Characters
  • Type (of resource) (Must use name shown in table.)
  • Description / String / Max 240 Characters
  • Time / String (in HH:MM format.)
  • Cost - / Number / in Dollars
  • Requirements Use codes from table. Add up to 10 codes. Must seperate codes with a comma.
  • KnowledgeGain / String / Max 170 Characters
  • Resource (link to resource) / Hyperlink / Max 100 Charactrers
  • PublicAccess Integer (0 - No, 1 - Yes)
  • CredentialType Use code from table.
  • Subject Use code from table.
  • Sequence Integer (Number representing place in a series.)
  • Start Date Date (Optional, if resource is date bound)
  • End Date Date (Optional, if resource is date bound)
  • Skills (A List of Skills)
    • Skill (Behavior or Value) String / Max 70 Characters
    • Level Expertise /Integer (1-5)/ See table
    • Focus (Intensity) / Integer (1 -10)
    • StandardCode / String /Max 3 Characters
    • Standard (Applied)/ Text
    • Skill Points (Learning Gain - Calculated)/ Integer


MOOC, Course (Online), Online Game, Activity (Online), Course (Classroom), Activity (Classroom), Video Game, Volunteer Experience, Course (Blended), Activity (Other), Book, Seminar, Assessment, Book (Interactive)


Book (BK) Course (CR) Game (GM) Label (LB) Article (AR)


Type Codes
AudienceMiddle School (MS) High School (HS) College (CL) Professional (PF) Children (CH)
EngagementOnce (OY) Daily (DY) Weekly (WY) Monthly (MY)
HardwareXBox Console (XB) Playstation (PS) Computer (PC) Tablet (TB) Smartphone (SP) Television (TV) Video (VD) Keyboard (KB) Printer (PT)
MiscInternet Connection (IC) Seat Time (ST) Office (OF) Email (EM) Transportation (TRN) Camera (CMR) Writing Utensil (WU) Power Cord (PWR) Tools (TLS)
PaceSelf (SF) Directed (DR)
RubricsStandards Based (SB) Individualized (IN)
SoftwareWindows (WI) Android (AD) Apple IOS (IO) Facebook (FB) Google (GL) Image Software (IS)
ValidationBadge (BG) Certification (CT) Award (AW)


Academia (ACD) Accounting (ACC) Aerospace (AER) Animal Care (AMC) Banking (BNK) Business (BUS) Construction (CST) Economics (ECO) Education (EDU) Engineering (ENG) Finance (FIN) Healthcare (HTC) Higher Education (HED) Information Technology (ITE) Journalism (JRN) Legal (LGL) Management (MGT) Marketing (MKT) Medicine (MED) Mental Health (MTH) Performing Arts (PAR) Public Service (PBS) Real Estate (RES) Applied Mathematics (AM) Writing Composition (WC) Reading Comprehension (RC) Verbal Communication (VC) Applied Science (AS) Robotics (RO) Social Studies (SS) Humanities (HM) Art (AR) Digital Technology (DT) Applied Technology (AT) Thinking (TK) Problem Solving (PS)


Middle School (MS) High School (HS) College (CL) Professional (PF) Children (CH)

Credential Types

Certification (C) Badge (B) None (N)

Skill Expertise (LOD)

1 Beginner (Primary Education), 2 Beginner-Intermediate, 3 Intermediate (High School), 4 Intermediate-Advanced (College/Training), 5 Advanced (Graduate/Professional)